Dear Friends,

Dawn Simmons continues to defy the political odds by running a strong race for City Council in Harlem for the February 14th special election. Currently there may be 8 candidates on the ballot, 7 of them are Democrats which will divide the liberal vote in a low turnout special election. The ballot issues won’t be decided until January 31st – 15 days before the election.

Dawn is the ONLY candidate on two ballot lines and has raised more money than even Bill Perkins, the Democratic front runner. On Tuesday, we expect Dawn to be endorsed by Jimmy McMillian of the Rent Too Damn High line. In this district we have 3,700 registered Republicans and 1,300 Donald Trump supporters. In a special election where a candidate can win with 2,000 votes, Dawn stands on equal footing with her Democratic challengers. Many Republicans like Councilman Eric Ulrich, Congressman Bob Turner, and State Senator David Storobin have won in special elections.

The far-left Working Families Party is mounting a petition challenge against Dawn’s Rent Too Damn High line.  To fight this challenge, we need your financial support.  Please click here to donate to Dawn’s campaign. If you would like more information about Dawn, please visit her website dawnforcitycouncil.com.

In 23 days we can make history by bringing Republican ideas and approaches into Harlem. Dawn has stepped up to the plate to make a difference in her community. Please join her in the fight to improve Manhattan – donate, volunteer, and vote.


Adele Malpass

Chair, Manhattan GOP

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